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Leszek Chybowski
tel: +48 91 48-09-412
e-mail: l.chybowski@pm.szczecin.pl

Miscellaneous web pages
Desing Thinking Szczecin
Pajacyk - Feed a kid !
First ever portal on psi- and socio- cybernetics 

Marine engineering
Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin - http://scientific-journals.eu/
Polish website on work and life at sea (www.full-ahead.net)

Martin's Marine Engineering Page (www.dieselduck.net)
Marine Diesels (marinediesels.co.uk)
Marine Diesels Museum (www.oldengine.org)

Reliability engineering
Gnedenko e-Forum - International Group On Reliability
Weibull - site on reliability
StatSoft Electronic Textbook
NIST/SEMATECH e-Handbook of Statistical Methods
Fault Tree Analysis NUREG Handbook
Selected reliability documents for download

English on line
Teachers of English and other languages 
Multilanguage dictionary
Polish-English Transtator

Polish science in net and interested papers
Monograph on innovation and development
Kompozyty - W. Przetakiewicz et al.
Polish Sciences
Academic Forum
Independent Academic Forum

Polish scientific and engineering societies
The Polish Maintenance Society 
Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines
Society of Polish Engineers and Technicians

Society of Marine Chiefs Engineers

Marine education and research
Maritime University of Szczecin
Gdynia Maritime University
Maritime College
The Gdynia Maritime School
Marine Technology Department
Naval Architecture Department, Gdańsk University of Technology
Polish Navy Academy
Ship Design and Research Centre
Institute of Hydroengineering of Polish Academy of Sciences